General Policies and Procedures

Location Preference

The Orchard Park Festival of the Arts Placement Committee will try to assign Exhibitor/Sponsor/Food Vendor display space based upon what is still available at the time of acceptance. Each Exhibitor/Sponsor/Food Vendor is required to have total payment in before any final consideration is given. The space assigned is the Exhibitor/Sponsor/Food Vendor’s for the entire Festival and display must remain up for both days. No Exhibitor/Sponsor/Food Vendor will breakdown their display or leave the Festival before the Festival ends without prior approval from the Orchard Park Festival of the Arts Committee. Applications and payment must be received by the Chamber by August 5th.

Please note: This is an Outside Only event.

Exhibitor Categories

  • Painting (Acrylics/Oil/Pastels/Watercolor) – Works created in acrylics, oil, pastels, watercolor
  • Graphics / Drawing – Drawing, printmaking, computer-generated art, including pencil, charcoal, chalk, pen and ink
  • Photography – Prints from original negatives and processed by Exhibitor
  • Sculpture – Original work done in any medium
  • Body Care – Original handmade soaps, lotions, perfumes, etc.
  • Candles – Original works that are handcrafted and hand-poured
  • Decorative Painting – Painted objects, including fabric or clothing items, stenciled objects, tole-painted objects, wood cutouts, lawn ornaments, other wood items, painted slates, or other natural materials
  • Fabric & Fiber / Leather – Bags, belts, hats, purses, scarves, knit or crocheted items, needlework, sewn accessories, felt items, wall hangings, quilts, rugs, mats, basketry, weaving and tapestry, etc.
  • Floral Design – Wreaths, garlands, bouquets or other arrangements using dried, pressed, or silk florals
  • Glass – Fused, blown, stained, molded glass items other than jewelry
  • Jewelry – Original handmade designs from metal, glass, clay, fiber, paper, or other materials
  • Metal – Lawn ornaments, wall hangings, furniture or any metalwork other than jewelry
  • Mixed Media – Original work involving two or more mediums
  • Packaged Specialty Foods – Original handmade gourmet mixes (sauces, condiments, dressings, soups, spreads/dips), salsas, mustards, jams, dog biscuits, etc. for off-premises consumption
  • Pottery / Ceramics – Original works including wheel-thrown items, vessels, or other items made from clay
  • Woodworking – Furniture, carved items, wooden vessels, intarsia, etc. that are hand-tooled, machine-tooled, turned or carved

Certificate of Liability Insurance or Hold Harmless Agreement

ALL EXHIBITORS/SPONSORS/FOOD VENDORS must provide proof of insurance with minimum limits of $1M each occurrence / $2M aggregate (including Products/Completed Operations), naming the “SUNY Erie Community College, Buffalo Bills, Orchard Park Chamber of Commerce, Orchard Park Festival of the Arts, Town of Hamburg and Town of Orchard Park, its Members and Officers” as Additional Insured (Form: ACCORD 25 2016-03). For a home-based business, a signed Hold Harmless Agreement may be substituted. Also acceptable is a Homeowner’s Binder or Declaration Page stating $500,000 worth of liability coverage. Exhibitor must display list of ingredients for all Body Care and/or Packaged Specialty Foods. Food Vendors must display Erie County Health Permits for Foods.

Art Work Criteria and Restrictions

All works exhibited MUST be original works of the Exhibitor(s) and must be designed, created, and handcrafted by the Exhibitor. No commercially produced items, commercial kits/patterns, buy and sell items, pre-assembled/manufactured items, rubber stamps, or commercial molds will be allowed and are strictly prohibited. The sale of prepared food, beverages, herbs, potpourri, incense, chewing gum, candy, t-shirts, toupees, wigs, and items made of recycled products (milk cartons, soda cans, etc.) are prohibited. All Jewelry must be created by Exhibitor. Free gifts to encourage “home shows” and raffles are prohibited. This is an adjudicated event.

Sponsors and Food Vendors Criteria and Restrictions

All sponsors exhibiting in the event may have raffles and giveaways appropriate for their products and or services. Any sponsor selling alcohol, tobacco or licensed products must have the proper permits from Erie County or New York State (SLA Permit, Erie County Health Certificate, etc.).

Vehicle Parking Rules

Instructions for entry to the Festival grounds will be sent to you once you have been accepted and assigned your designated spot. Vehicles must be unloaded and then must be moved to a designated parking area or outside of the Festival grounds. There is no exhibitor/sponsor/food vendors parking on the ECC South Campus designated Handicap Lot. VEHICLES ARE NOT TO BE DRIVEN ON ANY GRASS AREA ON THE FESTIVAL GROUNDS. Exhibitors not following the parking rules and requirements will not be invited back to future Festivals. Campers will be assigned a designated parking area on the ECC Campus. Prior reservations are required for this service. There are no electric, water, or sewer hookups available on this site. There are campsites in the proximity of the Bills Stadium that can accommodate proper utility hookups.

Display Set-Up Rules

The Festival Committee provides the space only. Exhibitors/Sponsors/Food Vendors must bring their own tents, tables, chairs, etc. You may begin to set up your display after 10:00 a.m. on Friday, September TBD or on Saturday, September TBD after 6:00 a.m. All displays, however, must be completely set up with vehicles removed from the Festival grounds before 9:00 a.m. Saturday and before 9:00 a.m. Sunday for restocking of your booth. Vehicles will not be admitted to the Festival grounds after 9:00 a.m. Saturday and 9:00 a.m. Sunday. All outdoor spaces are 10 feet frontage by 12 feet deep. If a canopy is used, guy lines may not exceed more than one foot from a pole and are not to be placed in a walkway. Exhibitors/Sponsors/Food Vendors must keep all displays within the confines of their tents/space. All spaces are on a blacktop surface, Exhibitor/Sponsors/Food Vendors will not damage the surface in any way. All tents will need to be secured by weights, please make sure that they are properly attached and heavy enough to withstand wind conditions. You are fully responsible for your display and all contents. Security is provided during the Festival and overnight, however, the Festival Committee accepts no responsibility or liability for damaged, lost or stolen items. Exhibitors/Sponsors/Food Vendors must maintain a neat and clean area in and around their display, and MUST return their area to its pre-Festival conditions. If you place cardboard, plastic, etc. on the ground in or by your display, it is your responsibility to remove all materials by the conclusion of Festival. In the event of inclement weather, Exhibitor/Sponsors/Food Vendors space locations may need to be modified. No generators are allowed. Electric is not available.

NYS Sales Tax ID Number

All Exhibitors are required to provide a current NYS Sales Tax ID Number and must provide that number upon application or, if pending, must provide number prior to the start of the Festival. NYS Sales Tax must be collected for all sales. Exhibitors must have a current Certificate of Authority and visibly display that Certificate in their booth at all times throughout the Festival. For further information on applying for a NYS Sales Tax ID Number, visit or call 1-518-485-2889. By signing and submitting an Exhibitor/Sponsor/Food Vendor Application, you agree that the Committee’s decisions on all issues are final. Any violation of the rules will result in Exhibitor/Sponsor/Food Vendor being asked to leave the Festival grounds without a refund and you will not be invited back to future Festivals. 

By signing and submitting an Exhibitor Application, Exhibitor agrees that the Committee’s decisions on all issues are final. Any violation of the rules will result in Exhibitor being asked to leave the Festival grounds without a refund and Exhibitor will not be invited back to future Festivals.


After review of pictures and acceptance in the festival, you will be receiving your confirmation e-mail or letter.  An Exhibitor’s Packet containing the following will be mailed before the event.

  • Map & Booth Location
  • Unloading & Loading Instructions

If you have questions, please call the Orchard Park Chamber of Commerce at 716-662-3366.